Engineering Center

Rexnord offers more than just standard chains! In our Engineering Center, we develop and test innovative products that are then adapted to the requirements of our customers. Different applications call for different solutions - and that's what we deliver!

Put our Engineering Center to the test. We look forward to helping you meet the next challenge!

Application Consultancy Services:

  • Configuration and dimensioning of chains customized to any customer specification
  • Determination of the actual (dynamic) chain loading and specific requirements on site at customer locations
  • Simulation of real operational loads and prognosis of service life duration
  • Customer-specific versions of chains for special applications and non-standard requirements
  • Damage assessment, determination of cause and recommendation of preventive measures
  • Performance of customer training on chain technology, dimensioning and selection; training courses on roller and leaf chain maintenance

Our objective is to ensure the long-term security of Rexnord Kette’s position as a technology leader, so our Product Development department not only designs new, innovative products and solutions, but also actively shapes advances in technology by participating in research and pre-research projects.


Test Center Equipment:

  • Apparatus for breaking strength and fatigue strength tests
  • Component wear test bench for lubricant testing and fundamental tribology studies
  • Roller chain wear testing apparatus
  • World's only leaf chain wear testing apparatus
  • Salt spray atomizer for corrosion protection tests
  • Metallography
  • 3-D measuring machine